Tableau Developer


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Roles & Responsibilities 

  • Partner with IT teams and business professionals to establish data-driven policies and strategies across the organization 
  • Manage Tableau-driven implementations, architecture. 
  • Actively manage the performance and usability of Tableau to get the desired result 
  • Define new KPIs and consistently measure in the datasets 
  • Understanding business requirement and plan solution to address data needs
  • Architect and create custom solutions in Tableau using Tableau APIs 
  • Develop, design, and maintain Tableau dashboards and analytics 
  • Collect, refine, and prepare data for analytics and visualization 
  • Manage and utilize the Tableau platform to extract meaningful insights from it 
  • Prepare reports using various visualization and data modelling methods 
  • Collecting data from various data sources and normalize it 
  • Test and publish dashboards and reports and schedule refresh 
  • Define access controls and implement security measures whenever required 
  • Drill-down data and prepare reports with utmost accuracy 
  • Creating wireframes and beta dashboards with a focus on user experience, correctness, and visibility 
  • Improve overall process in data management, collection, dashboard design, and entire product life-cycle 
  • Apply algorithms and statistical methods to obtain answers from data 
  • Solving any data or performance issues related to workbooks and data sources
  • Monitoring reports and dashboards and make necessary changes 

Skills & Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, MIS or related field
  • 3+ years of industry experience with considerable production battle scars in Tableau or related applications.
  • In-depth knowledge and a sound understanding of RDBMS systems, SQL, Business Intelligence, and data analytics 
  • Proficiency in analytics and database querying tools 
  • Python knowledge and work experience 
  • Extensive experience in developing and managing dashboards and reports in Tableau 
  • Excellent analytical skills to forecast and predict trends and insights using past and current data
  • Knowledge of data architecture, data modelling, data mapping, data analysis, and data visualization 
  • Enterprise-level experience in data presentation through various bars/charts/models/dashboards
  • Sound knowledge and experience in Excel, PL/SQL, ETL, and Tableau platform 
  • Technical knowledge of Tableau Products and versions including Tableau Server, Tableau Public, Tableau Online, Tableau Desktop, and so on 
  • Able to build visually-stunning and interactive dashboards 
  • Able to manipulate and blend data in order to design dashboards and visualization
  • Added advantage for knowledge in data migration, Tableau integration, and extensions. 
  • Added advantage Certifications in Tableau and other BI tools is an added advantage 
  • Added advantage working knowledge of Power BI, SAP Analytics, and Ticketing systems is a plus.
  • Added advantage for administration skills.
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