Python Developers


Roles & Responsibilities 

  • Responsible for Data-Tier, Rest-Tier, Messaging, App Monitoring Instrumentation, Logging Instrumentation, Scaling, Processing and Hyper-Scale, External Callouts.
  • Must Have Python, Faust/Celery, Async and Distributed Computing Background.
  • Must know Docker and CI/CD.
  • Aspire for 90% Code Coverage.
  • API Spec based developer
  • Mock Dependent Service Skills
  • Lead critical/large Production Development and provide  technical design to business solutions, direct developers and test the modules. 
  • Create, execute and document the tests necessary to ensure that an application or technical environment meets functional specifications and performance requirements 
  • Diagnose, resolve, and document system issues to support project team. 
  • Research questions with respect to both maintenance and development activities. Interact with database administrators, security analysts and product management in this effort. 
  • Perform post-installation system review and ongoing support. 
  • Lead in the development of documentation and standard procedures. Support Pre-Sales Teams as needed 
  • Scrum Planning and Release Planning 
  • Code Quality and Automated Testing 
  • Feature prioritization, Backlog planning 
  • Effort estimation and timely delivery 
  • Work with other technical leaders throughout the organization to ensure that the software design of individual projects is aligned with the organization’s long term architecture goals. 
  • Review and contribute to software design specifications to implement and satisfy product requirements. 

Experience Requirements 

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science (Master’s degree preferred). 
  • 3+ years experience managing, leading, and inspiring a team of engineers; including hiring, retaining and managing performance. 
  • Overall 8+ years of experience in product development 
  • Experience designing and developing scalable software systems in Python  
  • Experience in writing scalable and maintainable software. 
  • Experience with common tools such as: Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes, New Relic, PagerDuty, etc. 
  • Experience with Git, CI/CD, Branching Strategies 
  • Extensive experience with APIs and computational packages (e.g. Scikit-Learn, NumPy, SciPy, Pandas). 
  • Experience in event-driven programming and microservices 
  • Experience scaling highly elastic production applications 
  • Comfortable debugging and developing code written in Java,  Python, Golang, or other strongly typed languages 
  • Experience with Python Development – Fluent API, Rest API, Flask, Logging, Celery/Faust, Performance, Time-Series Databases, Caching, Cache Invalidation, Secured API Service. 
  • Experience with monitoring systems (e.g. Datadog, SignalFX, Splunk) .

Skills Requirements 

  • Clear communication skills when it comes to reporting needs and answering technical and service questions. 
  • Experience working in startup environment.  
  • Team Leadership
  • Responsible for high quality delivery.
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