Unified and Automated Revenue Recognition For Your Entire Book of Business

Revenue accounting standards are constantly evolving for the technology companies--from SOP 97-2, to EITF 08-1, to ASC 605, and now ASC 606/IFRS 15. Accounting for revenue in the ever changing accounting guidelines is incredibly onerous for Finance teams. In addition, many businesses are limited in their ability to sell new product offerings due to the downstream complexity finance and accounting teams must manage. RightRev unlocks the power of your finance team to support the business with the latest accounting standards and whatever model they want to sell in.

Hardware or Software, Or Service

Sales for hardware, software, or professional services almost always have different rules and triggers. The beauty of RightRev is its ability to connect unique revenue treatment to each product, service, or type of performance obligation to your entire suite of products and services. Whether it’s full recognition upon delivery for Hardware, straight-light deferral for Software, or percentage of completion for professional services, RightRev will seamlessly automate these transactions within your business.

Hybrid Business Models--One-time, Recurring, or Service Contracts

Whether your business is a one time sales model or recurring revenue model or service provider, RightRev provides a common rules engine to configure the rules for your unique needs. Revenue recognition can be triggered using revenue events such as Percentage of Completion, Subscription provisioning, Training, Milestone, Delivery, Consumption and many more…

Integrating with your ERP and Other Data Sources

Our API-centric platform allows customers to integrate RightRev with upstream systems for data ingestion and processing as well as downstream systems for consolidation and reporting. API’s are designed to adapt to customer requirements and can also be embedded within their business process orchestration.

Instantaneous Scalability

Subscription businesses generate exponentially high volumes transaction details to process monthly billing, annual billing, usage, contract changes, and more. RightRev collects and processes each data input at the most detailed level captured by Salesforce, empowering your business to grow without skipping a beat. Our hyperscale platform empowers your business to handle this kind of complexity today, and future-proofs your business for growth with our ability to manage extremely high volumes of data processing and compute.

Maximum Compliance

RightRev expedites the auditing process by taking your revenue teams out of spreadsheets and empowering them with systematic revenue recognition built for compliance with ASC 606 and IFRS 15. Executives can rest with greater confidence in your most significant financial metric–GAAP revenue. Your teams are happier, strategically managing financial operations in a high-value revenue solution and delivering unparalleled value to the business.


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