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Flexibility is key to staying competitive in ever-changing global markets. RightRev keeps pace with your business, offering 360° support for subscription, software, hardware, and service-based companies alike.

Here’s how

Data Driven Rules Engine

Customizable rules, advanced revenue recognition protocols, and configurable dashboards to meet your company’s revenue reporting needs

ASC 606 / IFRS15 Compliance

Everything you need to be in compliance with the latest accounting standards and to automate your use cases. Rest assured the calculations are complete, accurate, and auditable. Give your users complete visibility into your transactions, their rev rec calculations, and any exceptions-- empowering them to seamlessly own the revenue accounting process and quickly address and reconcile items

Continuous Revenue Recognition

Seamless connectivity with your existing QTC applications, providing one central location for the entirety of your revenue management needs. No more monthly revenue processing and periodic reporting--our embedded rules engine will continuously process your transactions and calculate revenue, giving you real-time visibility into the business at all times.

Our Features

Revenue Contracts

Configurable rules to group performance obligations, products, services, subscriptions, orders and billings into revenue contracts for accurate revenue calculations

POB Management

Identify performance obligations within revenue contracts and assign proper revenue rules that apply the appropriate revenue treatment for each separate performance obligation in a single revenue contract

Explode Bundle Products

Marketing bundles can be exploded to separate, but distinct performance obligations

Contract Amendments

Calculate and account for revenue when different contract amendments happen. RightRev’s intelligent rules engine can handle the most common types of contract changes

SSP Calculator

Calculate all the SSP values by analyzing historical transactions with the click of a button. RightRev’s configurable calculator allows you to slice and dice your data to arrive at your products’ SSPs

Event Based Revenue Recognition

You are not limited to release revenue only by bookings or billings. You can set up unlimited events based on your needs. For example, deferred revenue release can be triggered by events such as product delivery, milestones completed, percentage of completion, provisioning, etc.

GAAP Reporting

Out of the box reports to fulfill your reporting requirements, plus hundreds of pre-calculated metrics to enable ad-hoc reporting and dashboards

Revenue Forecasting

Revenue contract metrics for recognized, planned, and unplanned revenue. Revenue waterfall reports show booked revenue as well as projected deferred revenue.

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