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Automated Revenue Recognition Embedded Within Your Salesforce Platform

Your Revenue Sub Ledger Embedded within Salesforce

While Salesforce provides integrated CRM, CPQ, Subscriptions, Orders, Billings and Cash Collection, RightRev complements Salesforce with Automated Revenue Recognition for managing complex revenue accounting under ASC 606 and IFRS 15.

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Modernize Accounting Practices with State-of-the-Art Revenue Recognition Software

Legacy revenue recognition processes and systems are labor-intensive, inefficient, and highly prone to error. Get out of spreadsheets and obsolete custom workarounds.

RightRev seamlessly integrates with your sales and revenue accounting processes, offering a united platform for sales operations and revenue reporting across all products and services--from subscriptions, to one-time sales, services, training, promotions, and more.

Revenue Recognition Automation that Offers Hyper-Scalability and Infrastructure

Built using best of breed technology, our revenue recognition platform can scale to your volume and workload needs. Your business can grow without worrying about technology constraints for processing revenue in the back office or triggering higher platform expenses.

RightRev is built for hyper-scale workloads and we currently operate on Amazon Web Services. Our cloud strategy is based on contemporary practices such as micro-services, continuous improvement, and elastic compute.

Improve Revenue Reporting Accuracy and ASC 606 Compliance

Revenue recognition increases in complexity as your business grows and reporting standards evolve. ASC 606 and IFRS 15 provide new guidance for accounting for revenue. RightRev empowers your business to calculate revenue in compliance with these new standards. Our revenue recognition software seamlessly integrates with the Force.com platform. RightRev gives you complete transparency on your end-to-end order process, starting with the quote for order capture, and ending with our automated calculations for revenue reporting.

Scale Your Business for Growth with Flexible Revenue Recognition

Flexibility is key to staying competitive in ever-changing global markets. RightRev future-proofs your business with pre-built revenue capabilities for new sales models as you grow, offering 360° support for subscription, software, hardware, and service-based companies alike. Here’s how:

  • Customizable rules, built-in intelligent revenue protocols, and revenue reporting dashboards to meet your company’s unique scenarios
  • Automated calculations that seamlessly account for contract changes, renewals, discounts, and more
  • Seamless connectivity with your existing Quote-To-Cash applications, providing one central location for the entirety of your revenue management needs

Implement RightRev Today for a More Efficient Tomorrow

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