Complete Revenue Subledger within your salesforce Platform for Revenue Recognition Automation

RightRev complements Salesforce’s Quote-To-Revenue solutions by providing a true Revenue Subledger within the Salesforce platform to automate revenue recognition that hooks to the Salesforce Sales and Revenue Cloud. All of the Opportunity, Quote, Subscriptions, Orders and Billing information already captured as part of your sales process is seamlessly fed into our revenue rules engine for automated revenue recognition.

Never move your data out of Salesforce

No need to take all your Quote-To-Cash transactions out of Salesforce to perform Revenue Recognition operations. RightRev works within the Salesforce platform and stores all revenue data in standard Salesforce entities to complement its Quote-To-Revenue automation.

Plug & Play - No integration required

Just install the app from AppExchange and it’s ready to process your transactions, apply revenue rules, and perform revenue accounting. No need for any integration or custom code. RightRev natively understands different types of transactions originating in Salesforce and processes them by applying preset revenue rules to create accurate revenue schedules for every order.

Manage Sales, Revenue, and Reporting Without Ever Leaving Salesforce

Most of the crucial revenue data is stored within standard Salesforce instances and utilizes standard Salesforce platform capabilities, giving users the seamless experience of end-to-end sales and revenue reporting on one platform. Users can drill down from RightRev revenue contracts to Orders, Invoices, Customer Accounts, Revenue Schedules and more all without ever leaving Salesforce.

Also use standard Salesforce platform capabilities to build Dashboards and ad-hoc reports for your operational requirements. RightRev data can also be integrated to Tableau for robust Revenue Intelligence capabilities.

Accelerate your close process by 2x+

Creating revenue journal entries and posting them to general ledger is the most crucial part of revenue automation. RightRev makes it easy by integrating to major ERP applications and allowing businesses to automatically post revenue journal entries daily or periodically based on your business needs.

Put us to the test

Test RightRev for free to see how we enable Salesforce to be your Single-Source-of-Truth for Quote-To-Revenue with automated revenue recognition.

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